„Money makes the studies go ´round”. Jelena has six months until her master studies begin and 10 000€ separates her from that beginning. In the new environment – German village on far east of the country and new roles- Au-pair, between taking care of three children, taking lessons of German language, playing clown at children’s birthdays, being homesick and talking with the only inhabitant who understands her in the new environment, months are passing and her bank account is still standing still. Trapped, like Sisyphus, she makes one last try to roll the rock on top of the hill, before she loses her chance at the studies. Believing in people’s help, but not wanting their charity, Jelena designs unique cards. By selling them, she believes she’ll get to her goal and earn necessary money= Visa= studies= Balkan escape!

Director Biography - Jelena Bosanac

Jelena Bosanac is a Serbo-Croatian actress. She graduated drama at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade. During her studies she was invited to BITEF Festival 2011 with the performance “To be or not to be… a woman”. Jelena studied one year Performance Studies in Hamburg and was involved in two performances, which were a part of Kampnagel LIVE ART FESTIVAL #7. She works as an actress and performer in Berlin. "The Way to Hollywood" is her debut as a filmmaker.