Triangle of love, death and redemption between a father, son and the son's Argentinian girlfriend. While their bones waste away in the rainy damp climate of a fishing village in northern Spain, the time comes to weigh anchor in the Fishermen's Guild. Pablo's absence becomes too much to bear for Sofia, whose flight brings about the film's tragic end.

"A 'vagabond' film par excellence, "Le vrai film est ailleurs" places us --from its very title-- in a paradoxical

full of absence: the camera provides us with the ultimate link to three characters bound together by hazy circumstances; as the raison d'etre of their common behavior and their fortuitous, trivial, sometimes profound conversations, like so many other meandering conversations. Simultaneously, that camera that we sense unites them becomes translucent, almost transparent, ghost-like. The camera has vanished, the real film has faded away; here, something akin to life, or a kind of suspended life, is enacted in the interstices of events. In the hope that, through the observation of the camera, or the tape recorder, some inkling of truth with seep through. "


Director Biography - Mark John Ostrowski

Mark John Ostrowski is included as one of the major exponents of the non-narrative film genre in the re-edition of Paul Schrader's classic book "Transcendental Style in Film".


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