This film appeared to us, as it unfolded almost by itself, day after day while shooting, as a mythical fairy-tale about dead sea creatures and the desire to fly - Death and Flight, that cannot exist without one another.

Like a dream, it is based on a series of interconnected visions, longings and forebodings that could not possibly be reduced to a unity of meaning. As life itself, or as the sea which is

always changing and yet remains the same, unable to betray its mystery.

More like a visual poem than a narrative film, it is the story of an Equilibrist suspended on the slack rope of existence, her own territory: the thin and always changeable borderland joining all opposites, Sky and Earth, Life and Death, Light and Shadow, Elsewhere and Nowhere.


Director Biography - Cesare Bedogne

Cesare Bedogné is an Italian photogra-pher, film-maker and writer. He graduated cum laude in Mathematics, with a thesis on Minkovski Space-Time, the geometri-cal theory at the basis of Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. In the course of his studies he also deepened his interest for the visual arts, with particular attention to cinema and photography. In the 90’s he set up his first darkroom in the Netherlands, where he had joined his girl-friend Monique. In those years, “in the aim to capture the gaze in its pure state”, he concentrated on his Innerscapes project, focusing on “the strange

moments when interior and  exterior, the eye and the things looked at, seem to dissolve one in another”. This poetic inspiration is also at the basis of his work in experimental film-making.