"The Fly" is an intrepid trip through space and matter where a fly tries to escape from some of the mathematical dangers of modern physics. With beauty and a fine sense of humor, the mind-blowing ideas from quantum mechanics are reflected also in his drawings.

Director's biography - Gonzalo Baharona

Gonzalo Barahona, born in Santiago de Chile, studied fine arts with a focus on painting at the Universidad de Chile. Since his diploma project “Paradigms of Mathematics in Painting” in 2001, he has been researching the conjunction between art and science. With this interdisciplinary perspective, he dealt with the paradoxes of physics and mathematics in animation in his master’s thesis (2012) with a focus on film/animation at the University of Fine Arts (HFBK) Hamburg. Since 2014 he has been doing his doctorate on the representation of the physical vacuum in the visual arts. Due to his interest with movement and the body in animation and his diverse working methods, he


has been regularly designing sets for contemporary choreographies since 2007. With the production its gonna blow, a satirical piece about cultural prejudice and gender, he traveled to San Sebastián / Spain and Maputo / Mozambique. For the choreography about Affekte plusminus by Barbara Fuchs, nominated for the 2013 Cologne Dance Theater Prize, he optically transformed the entire stage into a magnetic field. In 2016 he worked on realistic silicone dolls and masks for Pinocchio 2.0, directed by Gildas Coustier / Manufaktor. Since 2014 start together with the choreographer Sonia Franken the collective “El Cuco project”, which combine visual arts with dance performance through the use of hyperrealistic animal masks. The piece of El Cuco Projekt “Scream!ng Matter” was nominated for the Theater Dance Price Cologne in 2020.