On the eve of Man's conquest of the Moon, in the summer of 1969, 34-year-old Milutin Veljković set off to spend the following 15 months in a two-kilometer long cave in the Southeast Serbia, in a company of a dozen of hens and ducks, and a puppy. Veljković wasn’t just interested in beating the record in cave dwelling - he aimed to penetrate into the universe of depth.

This extraordinary deed is first revealed outside - through a series of portraits of interesting characters, all connected to Veljković. Unexpectedly, we enter the underground world. The various narrated fragments from Veljković's detailed cave diary are brought to life: from his daily routines, such as making coffee and collecting insects - to the dramatic events of pulling out his own tooth, craving for a woman, fighting with the flood and hallucinations.

From connecting with primeval ancestors in a disintegrated time and space, all the way to the outer space exploration, Speleonaut is in quest of our purpose.


Director Biography - Sonja Đekic

Sonja (Blagojević) Đekić is born on August 3 1980 in Belgrade, where she works and lives today. She holds a M.A. degree in Film and TV directing from the Faculty of Drama Arts.

Sonja has been passionately working for over a decade on her documentary films, acting in multiple roles ("Joe Goes to Serbia", "KOSMA" , "Speleonaut / Under The Stone Sky"). These films won 20 awards and participated in 80 festivals.

Sonja has been actively involved in several film festivals in Serbia - Martovski (artistic director), Magnificent 7 (workshop coordinator and producer) and Grafest (selector

and coordinator). She recently founded a production company KEVA, and is currently developing feature film "Dreams of Vladan Radovanović".