Strahinja has just finished acting school and he works as a clown in a kid’s playhouse. Bambiland is a big amusement park in his home town which was open when he was a child. Now, it is an abandoned, creepy place and as such it represents a metaphor for Strahinja’s generation in Serbia.


Director Biography - Danilo Stanimirović

Danilo Stanimirović is a young film student located in Belgrade, Serbia. He was born at the end of the twentieth century in a small town, where he finished elementary and grammar school. He is currently studying film and digital arts at the Faculty for Media and Communication in Belgrade. As a high school student, he made 4 films which were shown at festivals around Balkan and won a couple of prizes. In 2018 he joined the list of winners of European Film Contest and European Film Challenge thus getting the opportunity to participate at Cannes Film Festival and Venice Film Festival. Bambiland is his first student film.