Started as an artistic project of Ivan Jakovljević, local hero and enthusiast, and guided by the secure hand of the film veteran Miroslav Bata Petrović, Serbian Holywood soon earned its reputation for challenging the tides of commerce and trends by offering different, alternative program, bringing to light the otherwise unseen and neglected artworks of independent filmmakers in Serbia and thus creating the counterbalance – the idea that remained its principle throughout years.

Since its fondation in 2011, it never made compromise, never stopped to fight for its goal – an independent and alternative film scene - praising bravery, imagination and lust for experiment, encouraging honesty and personal expression and daring amateurs and professionals alike to push the boundaries on the field of film making. With no accent on contemporary relevant and specific topics it is totally open for all genres, ideas and themes.

During its eight year long tradition Holywood Serbia often encountered numerous obstacles in different forms, fought against financial difficulties, public ignorance and neglect by numerous cultural institutions. Yet due to the persistence and endless enthusiasm and optimism of its creators it endured the hardships and from 2019 it became an international event.

Holywood Serbia takes place once a year at the end of July or beginning of August and it is a three-day event. The afternoon film screenings  take place at the Center for culture Rudnik in its freshly refurbished cinema with the equipment for quality film projections. The evening screenings take place at the Holywood Serbia itself, in the open air cinema on the slope of the hill Straževica, overlooking the whole area of Mount Rudnik, its hills and mountain peaks. Reaching our picturesque location is quite simple: it lies next to the main road, two hours away by bus or by car from the state capital, Belgrade.

The primary goal of our festival is screening and promotion of independent films, amateur and professional alike, as well as to gather the authors, critics and audience in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, where they can meet and spend quality time during a event packed with lots films to watch and to gather around. With that in mind, the festival organizes the accommodation for the guests from the country and from abroad.

We also offer accreditation and accommodation to both Commercial and Non Profit Organizations such as NGO's, Film Clubs, Production Companies, Agencies etc that have Independent Film as interest. If you represent an Organization of this kind please contact us for more information.

The selected films have the opportunity to remain in our active archive that we continue to promote after the festival and we also offer to the authors the possibility of sharing their work on the online streaming platform for independent films of our partner