Ivan Jakovljević - festival director & organizer

Born on 29.9.1984 in village Mutanj on the slopes of Mount Rudnik, the future gatekeeper of the local lead and zinc mine never gave up on his artistic passion nor abandoned his childhood dreams. Facing hardships of a life in a small mountain village and bringing up his family, he went on to fulfill his vision and express his passion for art and film: a replica of a famous sign on the mountains of Santa Monica suddenly was crowning the slope of a Serbian hill.

This is how the story of Holywood Serbia begun.

Known by locals and admirers all over the country as "Ivo Tsar", Ivan continues to create his imaginary world, turning the hill summit into a wonderful land of Oz, building up the gates of the Emerald City and filling up the forest with familiar characters of Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion and many others. When he doesn't bring our childhood dreams to life, Ivan makes his own movies.

Andrija Jovanović - festival selector & organizer

Born 1982 in Belgrade. With background in painting and sculpting, studied German language and literature at the University of Belgrade. After three year experience as a professor, he went to follow his dreams and study film directing at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg, graduating with MFA degree in 2018. Since 2016 he is working for several film festivals in Germany and Sweden, on film and TV sets and on his own projects.

After his first visit to the festival on the top of the hill Straževica, he was instantly fascinated by the energy and enthusiasm of its creators. When he became a member of the team in 2018, he was determined not to give less. In 2019 Holywood opened up to the world, demonstrating its qualities with rich program, good organization and warm and welcoming atmosphere. We plan to keep it that way.

Miodrag Novaković - jury

Born in Belgrade in 1940. In 1967  got his degree at the  Faculty of law in Belgrade and in 1969 his degree at the Academy for theatre, film, radio and television in class of professor Josipa Kulundžić. During his rich career he was an author of the Film parade, a festival for youth- and children film, the director of the Festival of Yugoslav film and executive director of FEST (1972-1974). At the film festival in Pula in 1973 he initiated and organized the first meeting of the representatives of all sources of Yugoslav film. Since 1977 he is also a journalist-editor on the First and Second program of Radio Belgrade. He published numerous short novels, essays and studies on the field of theater- and film critique, theory and esthetics. He is an author of many  radio-, film- and TV works, original genres: radiovision and radiouniverse; creator of international, interdisciplinary, multimedia projects.  Miodrag Novaković is winner of many national and international awards.

Dragomir Zupanc - jury

Born in 1946 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, studied film directing in class of Aleksandar Petrović at Belgrade Film Academy. During his career was editor of magazines for film and culture "F","Vidici" and "Filmograf", collaborator of magazines "Sineast" and "Ekran", author of many articles for "Politika", "NIN" and "Danas", editor in chief of film and TV programs. Since 1996 he is director in chief of national television. His film - "Contributions for the history of YU film and politpornography - Želimir Žilnik" - won a golden medal for directing at the film festival in Belgrade and Silver olive at the International TV festival in Bar. His work includes many TV series and documentary films.

"Holywood Serbia is not only the alternative to the Serbian cinematography in the sense of production and esthetics, but also in the way of presentation of the films. It is a true alternative to a narrow minded understanding of the film and to elite art."

Aron Sekelj- jury

Born 1988 in Belgrade. From 2008 to 2012 studied film directing at Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, with one collaborative feature-length and numerous short fiction, documentary and experimental films completed over the course of these four years. In 2012 he moved to Hamburg, Germany, in order to pursue a MFA degree  in Film at the University of Fine Arts, graduating in 2016 in the class of Robert Bramkamp with the experimental documentary project "Landscapes of War, Landscapes of Peace". From 2019 a jury member of Beldocs IDFF and member of the executive board of DOC SERBIA.

Currently living and working in Belgrade.