10th EDITION 30.7.-1.8.2021

Holywood Serbia International Film Festival celebrates and promotes True Independent Films of all kinds from all around the world!


Nested on the green slope of a mountain, with a magnificient view on the surrounding hilltops and forests, it offers an unforgettable experience of enjoying films under the starry summer sky.

We are more than just a film festival - Holywood with one "l" is a place where positive vibrations intertwine: where authors, critics, film enthusiasts and audience meet and spend quality time together, exchange experiences and contacts, enjoy nature, local hospitality and three day program packed with films.

We present self produced and limited budget films - not tied to big production companies, institutions or TV stations - with focus on originality, artistic creativity, honesty and personal voice of a film maker, regardless if she or he is an amateur starting out, or an established professional.

 Experimental, Fiction, Documentary, Animation and all sorts of genres – anything goes as long as the banner of Independence is held high. 


Participating at the festival should be a valuable experience, and something film makers, enthusiasts, cinephiles, audience and everyone visiting look forward to return to. To encourage and support this we provide accomodation to all selected film makers .  This allows for the building of a peer-to-peer community where participants can easily return, and for visitors to meet up with the many attending film makers.


 We focus on the film makers in the core of the festival, to really establish a platform that isn't than just a "one and done" event, but rather the opposite where the first experience with screenings, meetings, networking and fun is just the first of many to come. We work to make it a festival film makers return to - to show their new works but also to meet up with the others they met the first time around, to see what they have done and to discover new films, meet new colleagues and friends.