8th EDITION 26-28.7.2019

The Jury of the 8th Holywood Serbia Film Festival, consisting of Aron Sekelj, Dragomor Zupanc and Miodrag Novaković, has awarded the following films:

- GRAND PRIX: "Moriom" by Francesca Scalisi and Mark Olexa, Switzerland

    Jury motivation: A profound and piercing insight into a familial tragedy and a harrowing reminder of the enduring and permeating traumatic 

     consequences of sexual violence. Owing to a number of masterful filmic decisions by the creative duo of Francesca Scalisi and Mark Olexa, the film
     manages to simultaneously present itself as a concise, direct, relentless and uncompromising documentary portrait, as well as a phantasmagorical,       at times unsettling, visual experience, but at no time diminishing the importance of the story that is being told on screen.

- The Best Documentary Film: "Grapewines" by Luka Papić, Serbia

   Jury motivation: Close to a perfect hybrid of documentary and fictional film, “Grapevines” succeeds increating a captivating piece of visceral and             atmospheric cinema that is minimalistic, intuitive and, above all, honest, thus creating a strong link between the main protagonist and the audience,       who in turn can easily identify and relate to all the mundane snippets of childhood presented in the film.

- The Best Fiction Film: "Cinema in the Absence of Sima" by Farnaz Zareiyan, Iran

   Jury motivation: As entrancing, oneiric and eclectic as the cinema experience and the art of film itself, “Cinema in the Absence of Sima” has    

     accomplished the goal of creating a multi-layered work of familiar stylistic and narrative elements, that can still stand on its own among films with a

     similar thematic focus and poetical approach. The subtle direction, rock-solid narrative flow, playful use of samples from classical filmic sources      

     and convincing performances by the cast all combine to create a rounded journey between different planes of cinematic realities and emotional      


- The Best Experimental Film: "They are There, but I am Not", by Ye Mimi, Taiwan

    Jury motivationDriven by reiterant visual motifs of clocks, rhythmically near perfect editing, precise shot compositions, dynamic movement of the          image and a mesmerizing whisper narrating the film, “They are There, But I am Not” succesfully elevates itself from a straightforwardpoetic essay 

    film into a comprehensive, introspective and transformative study of time and the possibilities of its perception and representation within the filmic        medium.        

- The Best Film From Serbia: "Passage", Igor Ćorić, Serbia

     Jury motivation: The film of the director and animator, Igor Ćorić, successfuly deals with the constantly present experience of war conflict in

     these regions. The author uses the symbols from domain of applications, in which he is already recognized authority. The visual minimalism was

     successfuly achieved by Hana Rajković, the co-author of the visual part of the film.

- Special Mention by the Jury: "Mousse", by John Hellberg, Sweden

  Jury motivation: The Special Mention of the Jury goes to the film “Mousse” for its heartfelt approach, careful and balanced selection of 

    modern storytelling and influences from various genre classics but particularly its brillianty eclectic style, which manages to connect different   

    timelines, cultures, visual elements and comedic practices, thereby creating a new world within its boundaries that helps tear down any   

    preconceived notions about national stereotypes.  

- Special Award "The Golden Knight of Rudnik" by the Jury and The Association of

  Citizens of Rudnik: 'The boy who made a museum"by Sergio Utsch, United Kingdom

    Jury motivation: The approach of the author shows the same ingenuity as the hero of this film: it is honest, sincere and warm-hearted. The film itself

    also serves as an outstanding example of a narrative fusion between a touching portrait of a forward-looking boy and an insight into dire socio-

    economical and political situation in Northeastern Brazil. These qualities have been recognized both by the Jury and the audience of the festival

    and so a bond of understanding and empathy was instantly created between two places half a globe away from each other.